Taking Deliciously Smooth™ Hydration to New Levels

The Alkaline Water Company is supercharging its rapid expansion through two new store partnerships and new product packaging.

Alkaline88®’s First “Club Pack” To Hit Sam’s Club

To wrap up April, The Alkaline Water Company revealed an exciting partnership exclusive to Sam’s Club members. As of early May, the Company announced its Alkaline88® 1 gallon enhanced water product will now be available as a convenient 4-pack called the “Club Pack” in 589 Sam’s Clubs.

This country-wide expansion will catapult The Alkaline Water Company’s best-selling enhanced water product into the hands of 40 million Sam’s Club members and, in turn, is anticipated to become a regular staple on the grocery list.

“The Alkaline88® 1 gallon has always distinguished itself due to its size, packaging, and Deliciously Smooth™ taste,” said Ricky Wright, President, and CEO of The Alkaline Water Company. “We believe the four-unit Club Pack we’ve designed for Sam’s Club will be a hit with members looking for premium water in a value package.

“This is another huge win for the Alkaline Water Company and our shareholders,” continued Mr. Wright. “The Club Pack is the first time that our 1 gallon will be sold as a 4 pack. It was designed exclusively for Sam’s Club’s over 40 million members and will be available to them in early May. With the kind of sales velocity we’ve experienced in the grocery channel over the years, we expect the Alkaline88® Club Pack will soon become a member favorite at Sam’s Club.” (See the Company’s disclaimer on these forward-looking statements HERE)

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The Official Water of Gronk Beach Las Vegas

This exclusive event pulled in over 5,000 attendees, including some of the world's best athletes and celebrities. As the official water of Gronk Beach Las Vegas, this partnership gave esteemed party-goers a chance to taste the Deliciously Smooth™ elite hydration and to stay hydrated in that hot desert sun.

“Like Shaq, Rob Gronkowski has a fantastic, gregarious, and fun personality to go along with his elite, Hall-of-Fame athletic prowess,” said Tom Hutchison, Chief Marketing Officer of The Alkaline Water Company. “It made perfect sense for us to capitalize on the amazing energy around Gronk Beach and the Gronkowski brothers, partnering with Gronk Beach and Medium Rare to be the official water and unveiling our new functional sports drink.”

The Alkaline Water Company Partners With Roundy’s Supermarkets

To kick off May 2022, Roundy’s Supermarket will start selling Alkaline88®’s best-selling 1 gallon and 3 liter bottles throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.

When it comes to grocers, Roundy’s Supermarket is a Midwest favorite. Roundy’s is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kroger Co. and operates over 150 grocery stores under retail banners like:

  • Pick ‘n Save
  • Metro Market
  • Copps
  • Mariano’s

“We’re very pleased to have the Alkaline88® 1 gallon and 3 liter now available in Roundy’s Supermarkets,” said Ricky Wright, President, and CEO of The Alkaline Water Company. “This adds our two best-selling products to approximately 150 locations in the Midwest region, including over 40 stores in Chicagoland, the country’s third most populous metro area. Roundy’s stores are located in Wisconsin and Illinois and include Pick ‘n Save, Mariano’s, Copps, and Metro Market. We’re excited to have the opportunity to partner with a retailer that has been serving their customers for a century and a half.”

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