November Highlights From The Alkaline Water Company

The calendar year is coming to a close and this year has brought great strides to The Company. Continue reading to see a few of our highlights. 

Alkaline88® Steals #1 Spot at KeHE National Winter Show 

Early this month, we shared that Alkaline88® achieved the #1 item by cases sold at the KeHE Virtual Winer Show, which was held in early October 2020. 

Richard A. Wright, President, and CEO of The Alkaline Water Company shared, “This is the second major KeHE event this year where our brands have done exceptionally well and achieved one of the top performer statuses. At the KeHE Winter show, a newly added virtual show this year, interest in our flagship brand Alkaline88 and our A88 Infused flavored waters remained strong.”

KeHE is a nationwide distribution network with over 12,000 customers representing over 30,000 accounts. KeHE is proud to provide natural, organic, specialty products to retailers throughout North America. 

A88CBD™ Drops CBD Powder Packs

The Alkaline Water Company announced that their lifestyle brand A88CBD™ will launch new CBD powder packs in four different flavors by the end of November. These full dissolvable CBD packs can be added to any food or beverage and will be available in fruit punch, lemonade, mixed berry, cranberry pomegranate. 

“Recently, we have added multiple category-leading items to our portfolio of products that differentiate us from competitors. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, resulting in strong online sales. Our latest addition, the A88CBD powder packs, tastes great and carries the same high-quality, lab-tested CBD that is fully dissolvable in any food and beverage,” said Richard A. Wright, President, and CEO of The Alkaline Water Company. 

2021 Fiscal Second Quarter Results 

Most recently, The Alkaline Water Company shared the results of the 2021 Fiscal Second Quarter.

The Company announced that their revenue reached $10.8 million for the fiscal second quarter, which ended on September 30, 2020. In addition, some other key highlights include: 

  • Fiscal 2021 first-half revenue of $25 million increased 21% over the same period last year 
  • Fiscal Q2 earnings per share of ($0.06) improved by 14.3% compared to the prior-year quarter
  • Introduced five category-leading items for the A88CBD™ product portfolio 
  • Purchase orders for the quarter were second-highest in the Company’s history 

On the success of the second quarter, Richard A. Wright, president and CEO of the Alkaline Water Company, commented, “During the fiscal second quarter, we made good progress toward our strategic goals, gained market share, launched innovating new products, added leading partners, and expanded into new growth markets, all while navigating through a challenging COVID environment.”

With the increased growth of both Alkaline88® and A88CBD™, their future is bright for The Alkaline Water Company. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming quarter.