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October Updates from The Alkaline Water Co., Inc

Alkaline88® Launches New 2-Liter Single-Serve 

This month, The Alkaline Water Co. announced that their brand new, easy to carry, 2-liter water bottles would become available across 500 HomeGoods locations across the country. This exciting addition to the flagship line came just in time, as demand for a shareable size increased. 

Ricky Wright, President, and CEO of The Alkaline Water Company shared, “This unique six-pack complements our existing line-up, especially our single-serve offerings, which continue to do well in the current environment. The two-liter format is extremely popular in the carbonated soft drinks segment but virtually nonexistent in the bottled water category.”

Alkaline88® has become known for its perfect 8.8pH balanced alkaline water and numerous sizes for purchase opportunities. The product is perfect for the gym, on-the-go, or at home when in pursuit of superior hydration and a healthy lifestyle. 

The Alkaline Water Company Welcomes Frank Lazaran 

Early in October, The Alkaline Water Company appointed retail industry veteran Frank Lazaran to its board of directors. Mr. Lazaran will serve on the Company’s audit and compensation committees. 

Aaron Keay, Chairman of the Board of Directors for The Alkaline Water Company stated, "Frank is a seasoned industry veteran with experience and knowledge that will be instrumental as we scale our growing lifestyle brands to existing and new trade channels.”

Frank is a 40-year veteran of the retail food industry and brings decades of commercial and c-suite experience to the Company. In addition to serving on the board of directors, Frank is currently a senior industry partner for the private equity firm, New State Capital, as well as serving as an advisor to the retail industry through his consulting practice, Galazarano Consulting & Investments. 

A88 Infused™ Gain Share in Flavored Water Market

As of Tuesday, October 6th, A88 Infused™ flavored water is available through multiple channel partners across various trades. The partnership formed with UNFI and KeHE made an avenue for Alkaline88® and A88 Infused™ products to make their way to over 40,000 stores across the United States. Additionally, the Company shared that A88CBD™ Lemon-Lime water will be available online and through select channel partners later this month. 

Ricky Wright, President, and CEO of The Alkaline Water Co. explained, “Our sales team is working closely with our partners to create “speed to market” programs, including promotion and incentives to drive further momentum. We are doing a great job creating new leads, and currently, our flavors are carried by or have placement commitments from nearly 13,200 stores across the U.S. Also, initial interest in our recently launched innovative offering, A88CBD infused Lemon-Lime flavored water, is strong, and we expect the SKU to be very appealing to the retail category buyers. Our A88 Infused brand is now available in some of the top supermarkets, retailers, and wholesalers, and we expect this trend to accelerate throughout our fiscal year.” 

Combined, KeHE and UNFI distribute to over 40,000 retail stores, including Sprouts, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Harris Teeter, Giant Eagle, Cash and Carry Stores, Farmers Market, Rouses, Pete’s Fresh, Fresh Thyme, Reasors, Wayfield, Natural Grocers, Vitamin Plus, and more. It's now easier than ever to find alkaline water in stores near you!