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History of The Alkaline Water Co.

Founded in 2012, The Alkaline Water Company set out on a mission to create the best tasting water in the world. At the time, there were two emerging trends in health conscious consumers. One was the growing interest in the alkaline diet and the second was the perceived health benefits of Pink Himalayan Rock Salt. By combining these two concepts in an alkaline water and trademarking the name “Alkaline88®” The Alkaline Water Company was able to achieve the smoothest tasting, Clean Beverage™ in the US enhanced water category. Since its inception, Alkaline88® has penetrated over 70,000 retail outlets nationwide and has become the 10th largest enhanced water brand in the Country. Furthermore, according to Beverage Marketing Corporation, the alkaline water category sales are projected to be over a $1.2 billion by 2024.

With a focus on all natural healthful beverages, CBD topicals and CBD ingestibles, Alkaline88® has been recognized by consumers and retailers as a one of the country’s fastest growing and most innovative lifestyle brands. Based on the strength of the brand, we have been able to expand into already established retail channels with a growing array of products, which include eco-friendly aluminum bottled alkaline water, flavor infused waters, CBD waters, CBD ingestibles, and CBD topicals. Each product group has a dedicatedr team of highly trained and experienced professionals that operate under their own separate legal entities - Alkaline88, LLC (flagship water), A88 Infused Beverage Division, Inc., (flavored water and CBD water), and A88 Infused Products Division Inc., (CBD ingestibles and CBD topicals).


In 2018, The Alkaline Water Company Inc. received approval to be traded on The NASDAQ Capital Market (NASDAQ) under the ticker symbol, WTER. This achievement increased visibility, awareness, and ability to increase product lines for the Company.

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