Healthful Hydration

Every bottle delivers finest himalayan salts + minerals in premium 8.8pH alkaline water. Stay active, balanced and hydrated. At home or away, drink Alkaline88 on every trek.

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ALL Water is NOT Created Equal

Its your body. You pick the fuel. Your water should be more than just filtered and distilled. IT SHOULD BE HEALTHFUL HYDRATION CRAFTED WITH KEY MINERALS AND pH BALANCE!

Busy lifestyles, keeping fit, staying busy, climbing the next mountain… it all takes effort and sweat. If you’ve been listening to the media, your mom, your coach or darn near anybody else, you already know the value of daily hydration.

But don’t just reach for the next bottle or glass of filtered water. If you want the best for yourself, you should be drinking a premier water designed for today’s lifestyles. Our bodies require balance, and Alkaline88® is exactly that…  a premium drinking water blended with Himalayan minerals and consistently perfect pH alkalinity.

Stay balanced and enjoy. Designed for people who live life. Drink the best.