Enjoying a Healthy Labor Day

Alkaline Water in Cooler

A celebration is in order, and we want to be sure you are prepared to have a healthy and happy Fourth of July! 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

As Labor Day approaches, it can be tough to figure out what to do to celebrate given the current recommendations set by the CDC and your state's governor. However, whether you are having a small gathering of friends and family, or simply staying home with those in your household, we have a few ideas for you!

Ideas For Labor Day 2020

Have a pool day. This one is pretty obvious, nothing screams “out-of-the-office” quite like a pool day and a barbeque on a weekday! If you’re spending time outside, don’t forget to keep a Clean Beverage® like Alkaline88® water close by to stay hydrated all day long.

Camp in your backyard. Instead of heading to your favorite campsite, stay close to home and camp out in your backyard. Set up a tent, grill your favorite food, and finish the night off with s’mores.

Have a bonfire. Gather around the fire with some of your favorite people and enjoy the beginning of cooler weather! Invite old friends and new for a relaxing and rejuvenating night by the fire. 

Do something active. Get outside and hike or go for a walk! Enjoy the weather and spend time with those you love. Don’t forget to bring your favorite Alkaline88® water with you while you are out and about to stay hydrated.

Make your own lemonade. Summertime and lemonade go hand-in-hand. Get your whole family involved and make fresh lemonade to enjoy during your Labor Day celebrations. If fresh-squeezed lemonade isn’t your thing, you can simply combine a 3-liter bottle of Alkaline88® water with pre-made lemonade mix, stir it up, and enjoy!

Turn your backyard into a movie theatre: With movie theatres still closed in most towns, now is the perfect time to create your own movie theatre! Use a projector on a wall or white sheet and stream your favorite movies. Don’t forget the popcorn, blankets, and candy for the perfect finishing touch! 

Exclusive A88 Infused™ Recipes

This Labor Day, creativity is key! Try out one of these A88 Infused™ recipes to switch up your beverage game this holiday.