Alkaline Water FAQs

Have questions? We have answers.

What is alkaline water? 

Alkaline water is water that has a pH level greater than 7. Our water has a perfectly balanced pH of 8.8, which is what makes it taste so Deliciously Smooth™.

How is Alkaline88® water made?

We pride ourselves on creating the best-tasting and highest quality water in the world. This is thanks to our three-step process:

  • Source and purify the water through reverse osmosis
  • Add food-grade pink Himalayan salt and ionize the water
  • Purify the water again using ultra-violet technology to ozonate the final product

Learn more about how we make Alkaline88® here

What makes Alkaline88® a Clean Beverage™?

We’re proud to be a Clean Beverage™ company. Alkaline88® water is a Clean Beverage™ because of its minimal ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, the sustainable way we create it, and its high quality. 

Are Alkaline88® bottles BPA-free?

Our bottles are made of BPA-free plastic that contains no health risk. This means that Alkaline88® is a beverage perfectly suited for anyone. 

Are the minerals in Alkaline88® safe to drink? 

Our water and the minerals in our water are 100% safe to drink. Visit our Water Quality Report page to learn more.

Can I recycle Alkaline88® bottles?

Yes! Our bottles are 100% PET recyclable. Even the caps and labels can be recycled. We do our best to provide sustainable hydration, and recyclable material is just the start of our sustainability efforts. Learn more here

Does Alkaline88® do free shipping?

Yes! Orders with 2+ cases ship free.