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An inside look at how Alkaline88® is starting the year. Super Bowl Marketing By Alkaline88® In exciting new developments, The Alkaline Water Company has a national marketing plan around the biggest sporting event in the country. The Super Bowl attracts the eyes of tens of millions of fans every year. Alkaline88® is capitalizing on the buzz to promote their Deliciously Smooth(™) products.

Marketing Activities During Super Bowl Weekend Will Include:

A USA TODAY Super Bowl Preview edition centerfold ad

A partnership with two NFL personalities during Radio Row

A sponsorship for Shaq’s Fun House, the largest party of Super Bowl week

Participation in the Stars & Stripes Tribute Flag Football Bowl with Wounded Warriors of Sierra Delta and NFL Alumni

“Alkaline88® is the fastest-growing top-ten enhanced water brand in the country, and Super Bowl weekend is a perfect opportunity to further increase our brand awareness and consideration amongst millions of Americans,” said Tom Hutchison, Chief Marketing Officer of The Alkaline Water Company. “We’re getting incredibly efficient brand equity building from this group of marketing activities surrounding one of the biggest sporting events in the world. We have an incredibly high-quality and impactful product, and these particular efforts reinforce the association with sports and wellness that we’re building. As a veteran, I’m really excited about the work with the Wounded Warriors of Sierra Delta and the Stars & Stripes bowl.”

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Alkaline88®’s East Coast Expansion: 400+ More New Stores

Stop & Shop, one of the leading Northeastern supermarkets, will now feature enhanced water Alkaline88® in more than 400 of its stores across the Northeast. Stop & Shop has a wide reach, conveniently being located in a region with almost 30 million residents. They also have decades of supermarket experience under their belt. Stop & Shop was one of the first companies to introduce the supermarket concept to the East coast. Alkaline88® 1-gallon and 3-liter bottles will be available in Stop & Shops in:



Rhode Island

Downstate New York

Northern New Jersey

“Alkaline88® shares Stop & Shop’s commitment to excellence and their drive to constantly improve. We are thrilled to add them as our newest grocery retailer,” said President and CEO of The Alkaline Water Company, Ricky Wright. “This is our largest expansion into the lucrative New York and Northeast grocery channel and should be a major driver for growth in fiscal 2023.”

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Meijer Express Starts Carrying Alkaline88® Products

Meijer is a Michigan-based retailer that has 258 supercenters and grocery stores and over 220 Meijer Express Gas Stations throughout the Midwest, including locations like:







“The addition of Meijer Express could be a major catalyst for the addition of other convenience stores throughout the country,” stated Ricky Wright, President and CEO of The Alkaline Water Company. “We fully expect Meijer Express to impact our C-store growth in fiscal 2023 in the same way that last year’s addition of Meijer’s supercenters and grocery stores impacted our grocery channel growth. With the help of Meijer, per the Nielsen 13-week report dated 1/1/2022 for the U.S. Food channel, Alkaline88® became the fastest-growing top ten enhanced water brand and the 8th largest in the category.”

*(See the Company’s disclaimer on these forward-looking statements HERE)