Two Ingredients. One Clean Beverage.

Alkaline Water in Cooler

The clean beverage you’ve been looking for is here—and it tastes great. In a world where you can never be too sure what you’re putting into your body, it can be hard to find a beverage that you know is good for you. That’s why The Alkaline Water Company is proud to be The Clean Beverage Company™. All of our drinks are transparent in ingredients and Deliciously Smooth™ in taste. Read on to find out more about our mission and our commitment to clean beverages!

The Mission: High Quality Alkaline Water

Alkaline88® is known for its superior hydration, perfect 8.8pH balance, and its clean ingredients. Our mission is to deliver a Deliciously Smooth™ taste that encourages consumers to drink more water and stay hydrated. We’re dedicated to purity, quality, value, and taste. There’s no complicated stuff here. Just high-quality alkaline water with two ingredients and a perfectly balanced 8.8pH. In order to provide transparency to back our clean, great-tasting promise, we include the Water Quality Report on every product on our site. This includes reports on physical chemistry, organic compounds, and more. As The Clean Beverage Company™, we uphold this mission for every product we have—whether that’s our gallon or our on-the-go sports cap bottles.

The Ingredients In Our Water

Our ingredients are simple: purified water and pink Himalayan salt. Here’s how our water is made:

Source & Purify The Water

Alkaline88® utilizes multiple sources across the country. Each source is purified through reverse osmosis to USP standards for purified water. This means that all contaminants are removed from the water prior to treatment with our ionization equipment. From the start, Alkaline88® water is a clean and pure product free of any potentially harmful materials.

The Benefits Of Our Water

Not only is our water high-quality and trustworthy, but when you shop any of our beverages, you’ll also enjoy benefits like:

BPA-free, PET #1 recyclable bottles

Free delivery on all online orders

Perfectly balanced pH of 8.8

Bulk options for convenience

Different bottles to fit your lifestyle

Optional water subscription program to save money

The Benefits Of Our Water

Unlike other alkaline beverages, our water doesn’t contain any trace metals. Check out our Water Quality Report and you’ll see “Not Detected” along the long list of trace metals, and other impurities. Other competitors beverages often include:

Sodium Bicarbonate

Dipotassium Phosphate

Magnesium Sulfate

Calcium Chloride

Potassium Chloride