What is Alkaline Water? Process & Benefits Explained

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Everything You Need To Know About Alkaline Water and its 

Health consciousness and wellness culture continue to rise. With an emphasis on feeling your best come many “better-for-you” products that can help you do just that—one of them being alkaline water.

But what is alkaline water? is alkaline water good for? Let’s dive in to find the answers. Read on to learn about the meaning of alkalinity, how it differs from acidity, and more. By the end, you may just want to take a sip of alkaline water to boost your mood and health.

The pH level of water defines regular, acidic, and alkaline water 

When you step foot into the water aisle at the grocery store near you, there are dozens of water types and brands to choose from, including pH-balanced alkaline water. Here’s a breakdown of the pH scale for all water:

<7 pH Levels: Acidic

7 pH Level: Neutral

>7-14 pH Levels: Alkaline

If water is alkaline, it needs to have a pH level greater than 7. Lower pHs, dipping into the acidic territory, can make water taste sour or metallic. Too high of a pH indicates that your water is hard. To get a smooth, delicious taste, water should fall within the 7-9 range. 

What Makes Water Alkaline?

Ever wonder how to get perfectly balanced alkaline water? There are a couple of ways to do this.

Alkaline is derived from the word “alkali” which is an ionic compound of an earth metal—basically, minerals. The properties of alkaline products mean that the products must have a pH greater than 7. Alkalinity is also a measure of something’s ability to react with a strong acid. It is achieved mostly through processes that add certain minerals to the product.

In nature, alkaline water occurs when water flows through springs and rivers. These places usually have rocks and sediments full of minerals. As the water flows through, it picks up these minerals, raising its pH levels to the alkaline side of the pH scale. Also, this makes alkaline water taste like sweet fresh spring water.

Alkaline88® unique twisted top water bottles can be activated to infuse all-natural flavors and goodness into alkaline water.

Alkaline water can also be created by electrolysis or ionization. During this process, water molecules are split apart with electricity while running over metallic plates. This causes an ion exchange that increases the water’s alkalinity. 

Alkaline88 water is purified via Reverse Osmosis to remove any impurities and potential contaminants. Minerals are then added for taste. Electrolytes are introduced to stabilize the product pH to ≥8.8. 

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What does alkaline water do to the body?

Bottled alkaline water has a regulated pH level (regulated by the FDA) which can neutralizes acid in your bloodstream. When too much acid is produced in your body due to intake of milk, meat, grains and other acidic food items, alkaline water may support reducing acid and improving digestion. 

How To Incorporate Alkalinity Into Your Lifestyle

From alkaline water to alkaline diets, people all over the world are incorporating alkalinity into their lifestyles. If you try this trend, just be sure to talk to your healthcare provider first:

What is an alkaline diet?
Following analkaline diet essentially means eating healthy foods that improve your intake of essential vitamins and minerals. To start the alkaline diet, one may begin eating foods that are non-GMO and minimally processed, especially fruits and veggies. Limiting your sugar, caffeine, and alcohol intake is also important.

Pay Attention to Meal Times
Consistency is key when it comes to incorporating alkalinity into your body. When you eat at regular intervals every day and nix the random meal times, it helps your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels, promoting the stability and wellness that alkalinity is known for.

Sip on Alkaline Water
Another popular way to alkalize your lifestyle is by drinking premium alkaline water daily. This is an easy, no-brainer way to incorporate alkalinity into your day-to-day. We all drink water—so why not swap your regular water for alkaline water?

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The Alkaline88® Difference
Here's what sets Alkaline88® water apart from the rest:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is alkalinity vs. acidity?

If something is alkaline, it will react with an acid. If something is acidic, it will react with a base. Think of alkalinity and acidity as two opposite sides of the same coin: pH level. Acidity in water will make it taste sour and proves an overall unpleasant drinking experience. This is usually because of a surplus of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids and carbon dioxide. Acidic water is highly corrosive. This isn’t something you want to be drinking—which is why alkaline water and a push for balanced pH levels have been on the rise. 

What makes alkaline water different?

Alkaline water is different from regular tap water because it is processed for increased pH level. You will enjoy additional beneficial properties with the elite hydration ability of alkaline water.

What makes alkaline water different?

Alkaline water has a distinct mellow taste from your regular tap water, people describe it as smooth, fresh taste. 

Is alkaline water safe?

Yes, alkaline water is safe to drink. Bottled water has more shelf life and comes with an expiration date, usually marked 2 years from the date of manufacture.