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  • Kicking Off 2022 With Success

    From sponsoring Sports Illustrated awards to a brand-new CBD product launch, The Alkaline Water Company has been hard at work ending 2021 with ...
  • Alkaline88® Finishes the Year Strong

    As 2021 comes to an end, there has been nothing but success stories for The Alkaline Water Company—from advertising on Times Square to meetin...
  • Tap Water vs. Bottled Water: What Is Better for Your Health

    When it comes to water, there are many variations: electrolyte-rich, alkaline, spring water, charcoal-infused, etc. But let’s take it back to th...
  • What Is Alkaline Water?

    Health consciousness and wellness culture are rising. With an emphasis on feeling your best come many “better-for-you” products that can help you do just that—one of them being alkaline water. But what is alkaline water? Let’s dive into this. Read on to learn about the meaning of alkalinity, how it differs from acidity, and more.

  • The Alkaline Water Company Starts Autumn Off Strong

    Exciting developments are under way for The Alkaline Water Company. On September 23, 2021, they announced the release of six new A88CBD™ Functional Waters. Alkaline88® is on a mission to provide high-quality wellness products to people everywhere. Read the latest updates here.
  • It’s the End of Summer—Here’s What Alkaline88® Has Been Up To

    Summer was quite a season for The Alkaline Company. Here are the highlights from the past couple of months at Alkaline88®. Expansion across the U.S. isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The Alkaline Water Company is pleased to announce that Alkaline88® products will soon be available in nine major U.S. airports and hundreds of gyms and fitness centers across the country.
  • Summertime Sippin’: Why You Should Try Flavored Water

    From sparkling to fruit-infused, here’s everything you need to know about this flavorful spin on hydration—and why you should try drinking flavored water.
  • Two Ingredients. One Clean Beverage.

    The clean beverage you’ve been looking for is here—and it tastes great. 
    In a world where you can never be too sure what you’re putting into your body, it can be hard to find a beverage that you know is good for you. That’s why The Alkaline Water Company is proud to be The Clean Beverage Company™. All of our drinks are transparent in ingredients and Deliciously Smooth™ in taste.

  • Big Things Are Happening: May’s Top Developments

    May was a busy month for Alkaline88®—here are some of the latest developments from the Company. Read about our international expansion, partnership with basketball star Shaquille O'Neal, and fresh new aluminum packaging.
  • Does Bottled Water Go Bad?

    When it comes to water, there are usually no questions asked. You know that it’s essential to daily life. You know it hydrates you, helps your organs function, and boosts your energy levels. Water is important. But a question to consider when it comes to water is this: can water expire? Read on to learn more about the shelf life of your bottled water, including the best way to store water and what expiration dates really mean.
  • The Alkaline Water Company and Shaquille O’Neal Enter a New Partnership

    The Alkaline Water Company Inc. (NASDAQ and CSE: WTER) (the “Company”), the country’s largest independent alkaline water company, is pleased to announce that basketball Hall of Famer and entertainment icon Shaquille O’Neal will be joining The Alkaline Water Company as an equity partner and member of the Company’s Board of Advisors. He will also serve as a marquee brand ambassador for Alkaline88®
  • Development, Growth, and Partnerships: What The Alkaline Water Company Has Been Up To

    The last few weeks have been full of success and growth for The Alkaline Water Company. Read all about our new developments and exciting growth here!