All About the #AlkalinedLife

Balance is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. We strive for it: not too heavy, but not too thin. Not too stressed, but not too bored. Not too restrictive, but not too loose. For most of us, the happy medium is the place to be. That’s what the #AlkalinedLife is all about. At first glance, it may seem like this lifestyle is focused on an alkaline diet and alkaline water benefits — and that is part of it. After all, “alkaline” means having a greater pH than 7, and what we consume can impact our pH levels. While a healthy diet is important, the #AlkalinedLife is more than that. It’s about balance in body, mind, and spirit. “Balance” looks and feels different for everyone. Although we each define it differently, we can all attest to the benefits of a balanced life. When you’re balanced, you’re healthier and happier. A better partner. A better friend. A better caregiver. A better professional. A better athlete. A better you. How do you achieve it? Here are five easy ways to start feeling more balanced and experience the benefits of the #AlkalinedLife.

1. Start Documenting Your Schedule

When you want to better manage your finances, a common place to start is making a monthly budget to see where you spend your money and how you can save more. The same goes for better managing your time. Many of us don’t realize how much time we’re spending on certain activities. To better use your time and feel more balanced, you first have to know how you’re currently spending it. Try this exercise: For three days, write down how you spend your time all the way down to 15-minute increments, along with a happy, sad, or ambivalent face next to each activity. Then, you can take a step back to see where most of your time is going, which activities give you positive and negative energy, as well as where you can make changes to achieve better balance and more happiness.

2. Disconnect After Dark

Just because you’re not at work doesn’t mean your brain isn’t working. Constantly being connected to email, the phone, TV, and other devices can put your mind on overdrive. To reduce stress, try disconnecting from technology after a certain time each night. For those who work demanding jobs or who enjoy being online, start small by stepping away from one device (like your phone or TV) for an hour or two. Then, work your way up until you feel comfortable going longer and more tech-free. You’ll be surprised how much more relaxed you feel!

3. Drink More Water

Water does the body good. Drinking more of it has endless proven health benefits. Water helps your body perform at its best, improves energy and brain function, helps relieve ailments, supports weight loss, and much more. Drinking lots of water each day can feel intimidating for those who aren’t used to it, but small steps can make a big difference. Try drinking just one more glass per day for a week, or complement your typical intake with a pH balanced water such as Alkaline88 for even better hydration and alkaline water benefits.

4. Swap One Acidic Food for One Alkaline Food Each Day

Foods like meat, fish, dairy, and grains are more acidic, while fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and pH balanced water are more alkaline. These foods are naturally low in sodium and high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants — all of which support good health. One of the main reasons people often fail when they start a new diet is exactly that: they treat it like a diet instead of using moderation and incorporating healthier habits into their lifestyle. If you’re interested in the #AlkalinedLife, take a baby step: eat just one more alkaline food each day. If you eat a lot of meat or fish, try switching out one dish for something vegetarian. Or if you already eat tons of fruits and vegetables, try adding a snack of nuts, edamame, or another legume to introduce even more alkaline foods into your diet.

5. Add One More Physical Activity to Your Week

Continuing the theme of “baby steps,” consider small ways you could be more active throughout the week. It doesn’t have to take long or be intense. Perhaps you could walk your dog for 15 extra minutes or ride your bike somewhere instead of driving. If you’re already quite active, think about ways you could do a new form of exercise, or tack on a 15-minute activity to the end of your workout. Every little bit helps!

Baby Steps to a Better You

Alkaline88 is here to help you achieve and maintain a “better you.” From nutrition and fitness advice, to healthy recipes, to life hacks, to a peek behind the scenes at our pH balanced water and alkaline water benefits, you can look forward to endless tips, tricks, and treats to live a more balanced life...the #AlkalinedLife!